AC & Heating Detailed Troubleshooting & Repair  Guide for Home & Small Businesses

Hi, my name is Thomas and I have been servicing Refrigeration and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment for 25 years.  I am experienced in home as well as commercial and industrial applications.  I have repaired equipment in supermarkets, hospitals, museums, colleges and universities, book depositories, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, hotels, and much more.

My objective is to save people money by explaining what to do when they have a problem, how to diagnose it, what to do to fix it, or when they need a qualified technician.  Unlike other sites, I go into a lot more detail regarding air conditioning and heating problems, giving you "actionable", how-to instructions.   I also give important advice on replacing and buying equipment. People often spend unnecessary money on repairs and you can avoid that with my help.

What is covered in my guides are domestic and small commercial HVAC equipment used in houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, motels, and small businesses. Most have gas (natural or propane) heat or electric heat and central air conditioning systems. 

You or someone you know who is mechanically inclined may be able to make the repair with my help instead of calling a technician which will cost you about one hundred-twenty dollars just to get him to show up at your door.  Having already investigated the problem gives you leverage when talking to the repair technician (if you need one).  Having some information about what the problem is, or knowing what the problem is gives you an advantage most people don't usually have when they call a repair person.  Also, you won't find yourself in a vulnerable position of being overcharged by a sometimes dishonest repair person. 

Every penny saved is important no matter how good or bad things are.  What I guarantee is; you will know more about your equipment and the problem it has after you read my detailed guide which in turn will save you money.

Please read my guide to save yourself money and aggravation. You can choose between AC repairs, or Heat repairs, or AC and Heat repairs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. 

Thank You,
Thomas DiCamillo

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Try my easy,
detailed tips before
you call a technician,
and you may not
need one after all!
                - Tom


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